A. LeVan

I am highly impressed at the services rendered specifically by technician Scott. Scott came to my house to perform a Bed and Border Protection which when prepaid for two Services, guarantees no weeds for an entire year. Upon arrival he was courteous and respectful I went right to work. I neglected to notice that many of my kid’s toys were left out in the backyard as well as dog toys. Before I had caught on to my oversight, Scott had walked around my entire backyard and picked up all of the toys to move them to an area which would not be affected by his chemical treatment. When he finished, he took a few minutes extra to come talk to me and explain what he did and to give me suggestions of how to get the most benefit out of services rendered. At the end of our appointment I thanked him for going above and beyond my expectations and he very earnestly said, “I have a family and kids too and I do things the same way I would expect them done at my home.” That sums it up right there- providing me the same treatment he would expect from somebody else. He made me feel valued as a customer which above all makes me loyal to WD Yards and their services. I truly believe customer service can make or break a company. The best company in the world will still make mistakes every now and then but as long as the customer service is top-notch, it’s easy to see it as merely a mistake. When customer service is bad, it’s hard to overlook even the smallest issue. Scott exemplifies what true customer service is and should be. I have always recommended WD Yards as I have not had to pull a single weed in over 2 years and pay a measly $110 a year to not have to do so. I used to spend that much alone and weed killer every year and still had to do the labor myself. My complete satisfaction in the work that Scott performed today provides me with even more reasons to recommend their services.