WD Yards hydroseed is a mixture of mulch, fertilizer, seed and tacifier all mixed up in slurry that is sprayed onto your yard. The fertilizer in the mix will help start the seed to germinate and feed the new young lawn. The mulch in our hydroseed is a mixture of ground wood and paper. The mulch protects against soil erosion and assists in keeping the seed moist between waterings.

  • Seed Type

    WD Yards can supply a variety of seed depending on your preferences and the soil in your area. Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue are the most common choices. WD Yards’ custom bluegrass is a blend of five different bluegrasses mixed together to promote a hardy and disease resistant lawn. The Fescue family of grasses is better suited for salty soils. WD Yards will help in determining what type of seed is best for your lawn.

  • Time

    Once you begin to water the seed will start to germinate in a short period of time depending on seed type and soil temperature. The first mowing should occur about four weeks after planting. The yard is ready for moderate use around the seventh week, and full use after the ninth week. After you have mowed your lawn 3-4 times, call WD YARDS for a follow up application of fertilizing and weed control at no additional charge.

  • Watering

    Water is the most important part of the hydroseeding process. The hydroseeded lawn must be kept moist. The first watering can be done anytime after the hydroseeding is completed. The water should reach a depth of two inches into the soil. The key is to water frequently and lightly up to five or six time per day.

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W. Clair

we let WD yards handle our lawn care (weed problems), this really lets us enjoys the property when we come to town. They are reliable and consistent at handling their job, and always leave a completion card when working on the property. Thank You WD yards for taking good care of our property!

G. Hamilton

WD Yards is conscientious, thorough, and affordable. They do everything! Best yard service I have experienced in the many states I have lived in.

P. Weiland

We have used WD Yards for a number of years due to their reliability and effective use of chemicals that have killed the weeds and enriched our yard. They are excellent at communication and have improved to a new level with texting and email communication, as well. They have been concerned with my pet being…

A. LeVan

I am highly impressed at the services rendered specifically by technician Scott. Scott came to my house to perform a Bed and Border Protection which when prepaid for two Services, guarantees no weeds for an entire year. Upon arrival he was courteous and respectful I went right to work. I neglected to notice that many…

J. Albright

I just started using WD Yards a few months ago, but I’m already super impressed with how friendly and knowledgeable everyone has been. They really take the time to answer questions and pay attention to details to make sure they get it right. At first, I wasn’t sure that a larger company would have great…

D. Vogt

WD Yards always provides great value and they want our yards to look the best. My yard is less than a year old and looks great even in this heat. Just had the soil conditioner apply.

Snyder-Grand Valley Memorial

We recently contracted WD Yards to help us get the weeds on our large lot under control and the grass looking greener and healthier. Stephanie came right out, gave us an economical quote without trying to oversell us anything and then services were promptly started with quick results. Stephanie has been very helpful along the…

C. Rivera

WD yards is the best! I have been using them for about 4 years now! My yard looks fabulous! Never any weeds and my grass stays green year round from their fertilizer maintenance! I highly recommend these guys. Don’t forget to tip the employees! They work very hard

B. Humphrey

Before WD Yards, I had used several other local services over the years, all of the others would set up an appointment with me, I would make arrangements for my dogs, and then they would not show, then they would come days later unannounced and leave a note that they couldn’t spray because of dogs.…

J. Snoddy

I had WD Yards come out to perform the bed and border weed control, start my initial rounds of lawn fertilizing, and an on-premise consultation regarding yucca plant maintenance that is needed. On all 3 separate occasions I received prompt service with a text/email notification that work would be performed the next day. The individuals…